greening your printer cartridge

Printing is nasty business. There's the toxic chemicals that go into ink, virgin paper, and the plastic that cartridges are made of. Not good. But there are ways to make your printing a little greener:

Only print something if it is really necessary. Do you really need print outs of those documents? Maybe emailing something to yourself or carrying something on a disk-on-key would work just as well.

Print double sided copies. Cut your paper consumption in half by getting full use of that paper.

Refill your ink cartridge. Some cartridges may be refilled with an ink needle, eliminating the need for a whole new plastic cartridge.

Recycle your used printer cartridges. If you live in Israel, then Office Depot stores will accept your used printer cartridges, recycle them, and even offer you credit towards your purchase of another cartridge. Office Depot also sells recycled printer cartridges (but not for every printer cartridge model).

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Alex Moore said...

If you live in the US, recycle your cartridges with eCycle Group. We are committed to diverting solid waste from landfills and reducing carbon emissions through the reuse of petroleum-based products.