recycling my... toaster?

Two weeks ago my toaster died (I haven't had toast since). But I couldn't bring myself to dump it with the rest of the regular trash and have it outlive me, my children, and my grandchildren in some landfill. Not only would the plastic not biodegrade, but the metal part of the toaster would disintegrate fairly quickly and trickle into the water system. So my toaster has been collecting dust in my apartment ever since.

This morning on Freecycle someone posted a link to a company in Israel that recycles all kinds of electronic devices. The company, Snunit Recycling, is based in Pardes Hana but has collection days all over the country. The company also has a free recycling notification email service, so if you want to know when they'll be collecting items in a certain city or area they will let you know.

Snunit Recycling collects any type of device that is operated either by electricity or batteries - communications equipment, computer devices, home electronic appliances, etc. They then break the materials down and reuse whatever materials may be reused (plastics, metals, etc.) and transfer hazardous materials to an appropriate facility.

I can now feel good about giving my toaster another life.


Green Bean said...

Thanks for visting my blog. Post if you do the melted candles.

I love your blog. It is so cool to read blogs from people separated my miles and miles of ocean and yet all on the same green page. Very inspiring.

Hadas said...

you took a picture of your toaster . . . amazing.

kimberly said...

Recycling is a great alternative to save our planet or decrease the pollution. I think this problem still have a sollution, just depend of us. We need to think about our vehaviour and make a change and start to make the difference.

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